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If you plan to start boxing, the first item of boxing equipment you need is a pair of boxing gloves. The best boxing gloves help protect against injury; as skill level increases, boxers usually use lighter weight gloves. Boxing is a recreational activity; finding suitable gloves is the first and foremost thing as boxing gear.  

We will walk through the following things you need to understand while choosing a new set of boxing gloves. There are specific characteristics one must consider before making a final decision.  

The Right Option:  

There are various types of gloves like sparring, fighting, pad hitting, training, competition, and heavy bag gloves. Each type refers to the specific use in this field to quickly understand the purpose behind your purchase. Any trainer can help you choose the right option and a better selection of best boxing gloves and pads.  

Durability to avoid wear and tear situation:  

When choosing Boxing equipment, especially boxing gloves, the brand, and the manufacturer is one of the most significant aspects. A well-reputed brand like Starpro Combat will come with the best protective boxing gear that will significantly impact boxing training sessions. We suggest you choose a reliable brand for the most satisfactory outcome and enjoy the incredible experience.  


Typically, boxing gloves come in Leather or synthetic material, and for beginners’ vinyl gloves are ideal as one can use and hold them easily. However, Leather gloves are the most acceptable option for a professional fighter, but more expensive and need maintenance. Leather gloves are far more durable than any other pair of gloves.  

Synthetic material is less expensive and requires less care to maintain. Another less common material is that it feels like Leather.  


Competition and Sparring gloves sizes are differentiated based on their weight and size. Typically, sparring gloves come in sizes from 14oz to 20oz, while competition gloves are in the 8oz to 12oz range. The correct size of gloves is an essential factor to focus on and a central piece of advice while shopping for best boxing gloves.  

We must mention here that the size of the gloves depends on the weight; the higher the weight, the larger the size, and vice versa.  

Moreover, if a pro boxer searches for the best gloves, then thinly padded gloves will be best. Lower-sized gloves will result in quicker punching and enable the fighter to fight more efficiently.  

Closure Type:  

The most common closure types are lace-up and hook-and-loop, along with a few other options. The lace-up style is a traditional method to secure your pair of gloves but is still in demand as many fighters think it provides a tighter, secure fit. The drawback of this glove closure type is that these gloves take time to put on and off, and you usually need a second person to tie them up.  

Hook and Loop or Velcro closure is one of the most common features in boxing gear nowadays and is best for training purposes. It provides a convenient method for getting your gloves on and off without the help of a second person.  

A Concluded Note:  

Boxing Gloves are significant elements of boxing gear in the boxing process. For both professionals and beginners, gloves can influence the efficiency of your training, along with consistency and protection. Although finding suitable best boxing gloves could be tricky enough, it is essential for beginners.  

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