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Gmail can be used without having a good network connection in case if you enable the feature Gmail offline. Gmail Offline effectively works in the Chrome browser and it allows the users to delete, label, search, read, and respond to emails. You can use this feature when there is no internet connectivity. This offline is compatible only with Chrome browser that works in Windows, Mac, or other OS. By sticking with a few steps, you can access and use Gmail offline in the browser.

You can conduct all of the Gmail tasks while being offline. When you use the offline feature, you won’t be able to send or receive emails. But if your PC connects to the working network, all of the pending tasks will be conducted easily. These tasks include sending emails, downloading emails, or anything which you have asked while being offline.

Steps to Enable Gmail Offline

Gmail offline is only available on Chrome browser that works with Windows, Linux, Mac, and Chromebooks. Before using Gmail offline, you can set it up when you have good internet connectivity. If you lose the connection, Gmail will start working in offline mode.

  • First of all, choose the Settings gear icon that appears in the upper-right corner
  • Choose See all Settings and choose the Offline tab
  • Now, choose the Enable Offline Mail checkbox

When your PC connects to a working network, queued emails will then send and new emails will start downloading. It means all of the requested tasks offline will start working again.

Sync Settings- In this section, you can select the duration of keeping Gmail offline mail. You also can choose if you want to download attachments or not.

Security Section- You can choose if you want to delete offline mail when you log out of your Gmail account.

When you are done with this setting then, choose Save Changes. Hold on! If you have changed your mind then you can modify the settings further from the same screen.

Access Gmail Offline on Public Computer

It is beneficial to access Gmail offline on a temporary basis. Well, someone else can possibly have access to the Gmail account. This is in case if your PC is abandoned. It is recommendable to delete offline Gmail cache when you are all set using this service of public PC.

Access Gmail Offline without Chrome Browser

Accessing Gmail offline without Chrome, you can use an email client. It is advisable to set up an email program with the Gmail POP3 and SMTP or IMAP server settings. When this setting is enabled then, your messages are downloaded to the computer. Because there is no connection with the server, the user can find, read and queue new emails while being offline.

Remove Stored Emails and Disable Gmail Offline

You can easily delete saved messages and turn the Gmail offline mode off by going back to the Offline page. This page appears from the Settings menu. There you have to clear the box that says Enable Offline Mail.

You can delete stored emails by deleting the internet history. To do so, choose the delete option to remove cookies and other site data. You can get this option by opening the Chrome Settings menu. Now, scroll down and find Advanced and click on the Clear Browsing Data menu item.

Use Gmail Offline with Google Workspace

If you are Admin then, you can enable offline mode in the Google Workspace which allows you to read, write, delete, or delete emails offline. To use Google workspace offline, you must have the latest version of the Chrome web browser. In addition, Gmail needs to be open in the single tan of the Chrome browser.

Before moving ahead with using Gmail offline with workspace, you as admin can enable offline features from the Admin console. You can use Gmail offline with it and for that-

  • Navigate the apps appears in the admin console
  • There, you have to select the option “Google Workspace”
  • Now, go to “Gmail” and there you have to choose “User Settings”
  • Navigate the “Gmail web offline” and go to the box that says “Enable Gmail Web Offline” box
  • This is the time to click on “Force removal of data on the Google account sign out”. If you don’t want to save the Gmail data offline on a PC then, it will prevent data theft or loss.
  • This is possible if you are using Gmail offline on a different computer and after that click on “Save”


It is advisable to access Gmail offline in Chrome. If you prefer to sign in without Chrome then, delete the cache to remove the account information. You can do all of the Gmail-related work which is available offline but can’t send or receive emails. But if you have to send a message but you are using your account offline then, set it as the usual method to send it. This message will be queued and when the internet connection is available then, a message will be sent.

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