Ali Ciwanro

Music is a creation something that links us all through sound. Simply listening to the words of a popular singer’s song could make you feel as if you’ve known them your whole life. Although songwriters are sometimes disregarded, they occupy one of the most essential roles in the music business. Another job that is frequently ignored is ghostwriting. People composed some of our greatest songs, but they were performed and credited to a prominent performer. Could you imagine your favorite artists’ songs being performed by someone you’ve never seen? I couldn’t either, so I admire all writers and their abilities.

Young artist Ali Ciwanro has been writing since childhood. It started as a way to escape, but it grew into something more. His tenacity and wit enabled him to leave Gelsenkirchen, Germany. In writing lyrics, Ali has honed his unique structure style. He effortlessly combines multis and similes to create masterpieces. His diverse style and lyrics are incredible. He’s already worked with German artists and just finished an album with an American artist. He also co-wrote two gold-certified songs. For the talented composer, this is just the beginning.

I think it’s wonderful that he doesn’t care about his songs’ commercial viability. People don’t always have the confidence to write from the heart. PA Sports, a German artist, inspired the gifted artist Ali Ciwanro. PA Sports was able to tell his story through words. Another influence is American rapper Eminem, whom he hopes to meet one day.

Ali Ciwanro wants to be remembered as a lyricist who gave his talent with all his heart and soul. I am confident in his ability to achieve his goals. Ali’s grit is unmatched and his potential is unbound. Follow Ali Ciwanro in 2022 to discover what new is unbounded, and the same is their age projects he has planned.

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