While the dog meme currency is evolving, Cybershinu is also creating a good influence around the globe. The currency is now available at a fair pre-sale price so that anybody may participate and benefit from it, in order to deter whales from dumping their assets. The practice of minting NFT coins has seen substantial advancement.

Cybershinu’s Goal

In Cybershinu, the goal is to give the underdog an edge. Even in an environment where hedge funds and whales dominate, everyone deserves a chance at the so-called “Moonshot” that everyone keeps talking about in crypto.

From now through March 7th is the pre-sale period. The idea is to make NFT collectibles more accessible to the general public.

A charity fund established by Cybershinu will help pet foster families and no-kill humane groups. After raising enough money, they want to form a humane society and give financial aid to individuals in need.

Pixel art depictions of the Cybershi fighters are represented in the 10,000 distinct NFTs, which can be purchased through Cybershinu.

Progression in Cybershi is made possible in large part by community activities. Thanks to its users, Cybershi would not be possible. Cybershinu has made it easy for newbies to join the Cybershi community. Honor (never wronging another cybershi), Altruism, and Heart are all that are required to be a Cybershi (to show courage in every living moment of life). A surplus of warriors is not a problem in Cybershinu society. Cybershinu, a cutting-edge cryptocurrency, is a terrific method to experiment with minting NFT collectibles.

How Cybershinu serves its members:

Investors in Cybershinu get access to a wide range of interesting features, including the following:

To buy $CYSHI during the pre-sale, one $CYSHI is equal to one $0.005 USD. As a result, the community may look forward to receiving a moonshot token. Ending seed/early round sales and whitelists is imminent. The admission price is 0.005 for everyone. $CYSHI will be made accessible to members when the pre-sale ends on the website. Because of this technique of distribution, Cybershinu is far more active and grows much more swiftly than most other community sites

Members of Cybershinu feel that they should be able to control their tokens at all times. It was determined that there would be no token tax. A lot of other meme currencies levy a fee of between 5% and 15%, which solely enriches the whales while hurting the rest of us.


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