Text to Speech software in India

Text-to-speech software is a solution that can be described as an assistive technology designed to read aloud texts. Text-to-Speech solutions are computer generated and the reading speech can be controlled. By using a custom voice engine, a user can type any script and turn it into audio that sounds like an original human voice. One needs to choose the voice that can convey the business message and represent the brand. Text-to-speech services offer options for multiple languages and accents, it customizes speech and voice modulation as per the kind of product or nature of service of the business. It controls pronunciation, speech rate, and emphasis on the text. It adds recorded voice to existing IVR scripts instantly by providing customers to choose from multiple options. It set reminder notifications for due dates, appointments, and other important events. The best text-to-speech service provider provides the best features as per the need of a business in economic packages.

The demand for text-to-speech services is increasing globally. As the pandemic witnessed online education and advanced communication, text to speech services supported the online engagements while helping in enhancing productivity. Text to speech services assisted business agents and customers in many possible ways. According to research Text-to-Speech market size would reach USD 7.06 billion by 2028.  In the present times, Text to Speech India and Text to Speech in India are growing at a fast pace as the need of the hour.

The top four benefits of Text to Speech software in India are:

  1. Multiple languages and accents: TTS provides options for multilingual accents, it can draw customers from different communication channels. Different communication channels connect with the customers in different languages, a business with TTS can easily link with the customers. Good text-to-voice software supports all popular languages that can include international, national, and also regional languages. It also includes the accent of each language. This feature is beneficial for visitors or immigrants of one country to communicate effortlessly. By adding text to speech Indian voice with a list of global vocabulary, customers can get words that include English, Hindi, and Indian accents.
  2. Offer human voice-like quality: TTS assists in maintaining a high-level voice quality ensures the finest customer service. Using text-to-speech software helps in controlling pronunciations, volume, text emphasis, and speech rate according to the situation. Engaging with customers with a human-like voice gives a humane experience to the customers.  It gives confidence in communication, boosts business automation and efficiency while lowering operating expenses and accelerating customer experience.  
  3. Campaign customization: TTS system allows customizing the speech and voice modulation based on the type of product or service based on the nature of a campaign. The capacity to modify or alter the pitch, tone, or voice with complete human voice adds more gravity to the campaign. A campaign can be time and energy-consuming when done manually; also the pitch, voice, and tone of live speech would be different each time which can make the campaign boring and unattractive. When the same pitch, tone, and voice are used it attracts attention and also creates an image of the brand. This feature helps agents by reducing work pressure and to gain more time to develop the campaign.
  4. Set reminders and alerts: TTS software allows automated reminder settings or alerts for due dates or appointments. The feature is beneficial for agents as the automated customized schedule for each customer reduces the workload of agents. Agents no longer need to manually contact or send reminders to individual customers. Thus reducing data management, follow-up, and outreach time. It also reduces outbound call charges. As customer management becomes a struggle with a large customer base, it also increases the chances of missing out to reach customers if manually interacted. Thus, automated reminder and alert setting features nullify these concerns.

Knowlarity is one of the best Text to Speech service providers in India that benefits small, medium, and large businesses. In 2020 Goggle partnered with Knowlarity to offer speech analytics in India. The economical and quality packages offered by Knowlarity that a business can choose from, guided by the experts as per the business needs makes Knowlarity one of the best Text to Speech service providers. 

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