The currency of Vietnam is the dong. There are five different denominations: one hundred, two hundred, five hundred and twenty-one dong. The state bank of the country has issued these banknotes since 1946, but the number of them has fluctuated since then. In 1976, the state government issued aluminium coins, but they did not last long due to inflation. In 1986, commemorative coins were issued in copper, tin and silver, but they were never put into circulation. Until recently, the dong had been devalued by 1.0 percent.

You can change your currency at the airport or the tourist information center. The airport is the safest and most convenient place to change your money. The exchange staff here speaks English, and there are also many businesses accepting USD. However, if you want a more competitive rate, you can try out the exchange stalls at the airport or nearby hotels. There are many reputable vendors at the airport who can help you exchange your currency and can provide helpful advice.

The currency of Vietnam is relatively stable, although it does depreciate when compared to other currencies. To convert one dollar to another, you would multiply the Vietnamese dong by three. Therefore, one dollar is worth about 24,000 VNDs. You can use this value to exchange currency with other currencies in Vietnam. There are ATMs in the large cities and tourist areas. You should avoid paying too much for your travels. If you want to buy souvenirs, it is wise to exchange your money at a  베트남 환전.

While the currency of Vietnam is weak and depreciates due to government printing, there are many places in Vietnam where you can exchange your money. In fact, a US dollar is worth about 24,000 VNDs in a jewelry store. The jewelry store exchange rate is about twenty-three thousand VNDs. So if you want to exchange $100 for a hundred Vietnamese dong, you will get a total of 30,000 VNDs.

In addition to the major banks, there are also a number of small stalls offering exchange services in cities like Ho Chi Minh City. You can exchange money in these places if you are unsure of the official rate for a dollar. Most of these stalls do not advertise themselves as “Money Exchange” on their doors. But they will gladly accept foreign currency for you at a discount compared to official rates.

When you’re looking for currency in Vietnam, remember to keep in mind the different types of Vietnamese currency. Some of these currencies are easily confused and can be confusing. It is best to get an exchange rate from a bank that offers you the best value for your money. The value of a dollar in Vietnam is equivalent to five hundred VND. If you’re looking for a currency, look for the currency symbol that matches your preferred denomination.

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