If you are going to build a property, then a detailed review is required. You have to do deep research about the land and all the surrounding areas. Do you think it would be feasible for your property? Just check out all the essential aspects. It doesn’t matter. You have done hundreds of successful deals, and this one would be prosperous too. You are still at risk of having bad deals, so don’t make this easy and apply all the appropriate checks which you have been applying in other building surveys. In this blog, you will know the main things that property builders need to know for surveys. Let’s have a look

Get to know about specific boundary

If you are going to build property, you need to know the exact boundary of your property. You may have to extend this, and in some scenarios, if you spread out this from its exact limit, you might be in hot water because that is not allowed. If you are done with the survey, you will know where your property is finishing and from where your neighbours begin. If you exceeded the actual boundary, it would be easy to restore its original state.

Party walls

Do you know while doing a survey, you have to look into all the matters in detail? Most of the residential areas have partitioned walls, or they might have joined driveways and much more. So before going with it, make sure you have planned in detail. Get the properly shared agreements, so might be your neighbour should have no issue with your construction.

Party Wall Matters | Easterling Marsh Partnership Chartered Surveyors and  Registered Valuers

Sample out the Population

You can’t reach your targets unless you haven’t understood the statistical confidence, so make sure you have a clear idea of the population. Get a summary from people with different opinions to determine the specified confidence requirements. These numbers can be varied on several factors. Take the help of real estate agents to know about people’s interests because it is necessary to get it done properly. Only, the best real estate agent in Fulham is doing it for the area, and he has also helped out various people for sampling out the population.

Survey Question Formats

All survey questions are created equal but make sure you have prepared a detailed quantitative questions format. It will help you, people, to answer in your own words. Each type of question serves multiple goals and have their limitations. Make sure you understand this in detail to achieve the aim of the project. A quantitative and qualitative mix of questions would help you in figuring out the best surveys.


If you are going to buy any property, don’t forget to make a detailed investigation. Check out all possible flaws, especially damp walls, electricity issues, rewiring, and other repairing problems. It’s better to get to know about these in advance, and this can happen only when you do a detailed survey for it. Due to busy schedules, you can have the assistance of chartered surveyors.They will do everything on your behalf also they will inform whether this deal would be perfect for you or not.

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Planning permission

If you are going to build property, you should know about the land in detail and if you didn’t get any permission, go and submit your planning application. It would be useful to you in the scenario if someone already has submitted the request for similar development and it was refused. So you will get a clear idea in advance before going with it further.

Visual survey Design

The verbal part of the survey is essential, but visually survey designs would make it more consistent with increasing your respondents’ burden and preventing them from understanding detailed surveys. Make sure you are making it more attractive with different font sizes, colors. They are also presenting scale questions with different directions within the survey name increases measurement error.

These are some essential aspects that you need to know for surveys. You can hire surveyors for this job as well they will let you know whether this one is suitable or not. Make sure you have hired experienced surveyors who should know how to deal with all related issues. Several estate agencies are giving this service to provide you best survey for developing your property.

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