If you’re a fan of the space genre, you’ve likely heard of What Space Movie Came Out in 1992? The craze was so widespread that a parody of it was even distributed on the website Reddit. The short movie tells the story of black aliens from the planet Anus discovering women on Earth and using ray guns to eliminate them. The black aliens later felt gratitude for their discovery, and the movie also features a gay ambassador to Earth.

The satire of the film was quickly spread across the internet, and Reddit users warned people not to Google the film unless they knew what they were talking about. The prank quickly went viral and spread throughout the social media site and the internet, and now Reddit users are talking about the ‘Space Movie of 1992’. It has become a topic of conversation on Reddit and across the internet, and it’s become an enigma that no one can pin down.

Space Movie Came Out in 1992 Is Popular Search

A popular search term on the Internet is “What Space Movie Came Out in 1992?” and “What Space Movie Came Out in 1992” are the two most common answers to the question. In fact, in a recent Google search, “What Space Movie Came Out in 1992?” ranked second overall. We can’t say for sure what this answer is, but we’re happy to share the info with you.

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Despite the fact that the film’s title is an homage to a popular 1959 horror movie, the satire is far from subtle. The film’s cast of gay men portrayed by an intergalactic gay couple was so ridiculously offensive that the movie was used in recruitment campaigns for the gay Nigger Association of America. We hope you enjoy the satirical spoof of the original Plan 9 From Outer Space, and thank you for bringing it back into the public’s consciousness!

The Blaxploitation Theme Of The Film

Many people are amused by the blaxploitation theme of the film. Many nerdy white lads were swept up by its theme and use it in their 2000 election campaign. But in the year 2020, many people are looking back on the film to see if its message still stands up. Many jokes are floating around social media and Reddit users are debating whether it is a spoof or not.

Reddit users have created countless memes based on the sarcastic search warning. While the film’s intentions have been questioned, its pranksters continue to delight unaware internet users. The most recent thread on Reddit read, “I was told to search for Space Movie 1992 on December 4, and it didn’t disappoint!” The Reddit community was quick to respond, largely with laughter, although some criticized the film.

space movie

A short film called Gayniggers from Outer Space, which was produced in 1992, is a fun example of what happened to the science-fiction genre during the decade. A short film about intergalactic gays, it’s satirical, and stars D. Ildo, Sergeant Shaved Balls, and Captain B. Dick. The film was released by Det Danske Filminstitut, and it was a blaxploitation parody of a sci-fi classic.


Gayn From Outer Space

“Gayn From Outer Space” is an intergalactic gay alien movie from 1992. It follows an intergalactic group of black males and their quest to establish an all-male gay society on Earth. Although some viewers were offended by the film, it did draw in audiences of white men who enjoyed blaxploitation. And while the motives behind this movie may be questionable, it’s still worth seeing if you want to see the film’s ending.


A space movie about aliens who liberate men from females. The aliens use a raygun to destroy females on Earth, but one is left on Earth to teach Earthlings a new way of life. This 1992 space movie is a parody of sci-fi films from the 1950s. It’s funny and absurd, but it’s definitely a cult classic.

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